Configuring your WordPress site to send your web form submissions correctly is a must. Time and time again this small, yet vital, aspect of WordPress is overlooked. The potential to lose data with a misconfigured web contact form is undeniable. Lost data means lost leads means lost revenue.

The Gmail SMTP WordPress plugin will configure your wordpress installation to send email using Gmail’s OAuth 2.0 protocol to authorize access to the Gmail API and takes out the uncertainty of losing your vital communications and leads generating from your site’s web contact form.

The process is quick and fairly painless. With a few clicks you will be using Gmail’s SMTP servers to send emails routed through your site’s web contact form.

Gmail SMTP Basic Setup

  • Go to the plugin settings (Settings->Gmail SMTP).
  • Create a new web application using the link.
  • Set the Authorized Redirect URL of the application as the one shown in the settings.
  • Copy the Client ID and Client secret and paste into the settings area.
  • Enter your OAuth Email, From Email and From name.
  • Select an encryption.
  • Enter a port number.
  • Save the settings.
  • Now you can authorize your application to access the Gmail API by clicking on the Grant Permission button.
  • Once the application has been authorized Gmail SMTP plugin will be able to take control of all outgoing email.

Gmail SMTP
>>> Download the plugin here <<<

Installation of Gmail SMTP Plugin
>>> Documentation <<<

Google Console for API Key
>>> Link here <<<

I’ve installed Gmail SMTP WordPress plugin on all of my client’s sites and it’s been smooth sailing since. Gmail SMTP is secure, solid and easy to use. It’s received over 10,000 downloads from the WordPress plugin library.

Connect to Gmail SMTP server to automatically send email from your WordPress site. Configure wp_mail() to use SMTP with OAuth 2.0 authentication.