Soon after the WordPress 5.5 update, can the errors. A conflict here and there and missing functionality on more than one of my client’s templates.

After some Googling and quick research I found a few discussion referencing the jQuery Migrate Helper Plugin that’s available for download from the plugin downloads.

This guy, Enable jQuery Migrate Helper has saved the day for me twice now and I don’t doubt a third is on the horizon.

Remember, this plugin is a Band-Aid, quick fix, to any issues or conflicts that you may be experiencing with your JavaScript and jQuery coding. Ideally, you’ll find the actual root of the current conflict and resolve it there. Although that may be an even trickier and deep endeavor, it’s better for your site, server and visitors in the long run.

The plugin is a huge help. It gives you real-time updates on what’s going on with your pages and if they may have any issues to address.

This first example is what you may see while viewing your WordPress Dashboard.

This is the default plugin notification that guide you on what’s going on and what you may need to address.

One more feature of this plugin that’s huge for me, is the update emails.

Once a week you’ll get a hand update on what’s going on with your WordPress theme and what’s up with jQuery Migrate as seen here:

Enable jQuery Migrate Helper is a great solution to resolve some of those maddening error that seem to arise out of nowhere.

Upload to your plugins folder, usually wp-content/plugins/.
Activate the plugin on the plugin screen.
That’s it! The plugin handles the rest automatically for you.