Becoming a successful handyman requires more than just fixing things around the house. In this article, you’ll learn the first steps to starting your own business — from finding your niche to laws and regulations on starting a handyman business in Atlanta, GA. You’ll also discover helpful apps and software that will help streamline your business.

Getting Your Handyman Business Off the Ground

The first step to starting a handyman business in Atlanta is to research the market and understand the competition. Many companies provide handyman services, so developing a niche and targeting a specific customer base is vital. Once you have a clear idea of your business’ direction, you can begin to develop a marketing plan. This should include strategies for advertising and promoting your business and ways to build relationships with potential customers.

Additionally, obtaining the necessary licenses and permits to operate is essential, as is how you structure your business. If you’re looking for something flexible with less paperwork and tax advantages, consider forming an LLC. It doesn’t need to be costly as you can file yourself or use a formation service. Check your state regulations in forming an LLC, as they’re not all the same.

Choosing a Specialty

As a handyman, you have the opportunity to specialize in a particular area of home repair or maintenance. This can be a great way to build a niche for yourself and attract repeat customers. But how do you choose the right specialty? Here are a few factors to consider.

  • Think about your strengths and weaknesses. What kind of repairs or maintenance are you good at? What do you enjoy doing? 
  • Consider the needs of your market. What kind of repairs or maintenance are in high demand in your area? Are there any under-served niches you can fill? 
  • Think about skills. Ensure you have the necessary skills and knowledge to complete the repairs or maintenance associated with your chosen specialty. If not, be willing to learn new techniques or take training courses

Attracting Clients

You can attract clients in several ways. First, consider offering discounts or promotions to new customers. This can be an effective way to encourage people to try out your services. Next, make sure you have a solid online presence. An up-to-date website and active social media accounts can help potential customers find you. Finally, word-of-mouth is also a powerful marketing tool, so be sure to let your satisfied customers know that you’re always looking for new business.

Useful Handyman Apps and Software

Using certain apps and software can help you streamline your business. When you tender for new projects, you can pinpoint the actual costs when you opt for the software option for construction estimating. This tool allows you to add material and labor costs and customer payment schedules. In addition, estimates can be sent directly from the job site, and automated email reminders can be sent if estimates are sent but not approved.

Be Your Own Boss

Starting a handyman business can be a great way to be your own boss and provide a needed service in your community. Research, choose a specialty, and market your business effectively to attract new clients. Utilizing helpful apps and software can also make running your business more efficient. 

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