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The marketing industry has changed quite a bit in the last few years, but the traditional methods of getting the word out about your product or service are still effective. From flyers to coupons to stickers, traditional marketing methods can be cheap and effective for small businesses and startups. Below is a guide from N77 Design to old marketing methods that are still effective today. 

Create Catchy Slogans

Come up with a great catchphrase for your business that makes it seem like your products and services really deliver. Today’s most popular taglines have been around for years — think Nike’s Just Do It, Dove’s Real Beauty, or Apple’s Think Different. Consider how you want people to feel when they hear your slogan, then create something clever that embodies that feeling.

Create Great Offers and Discounts

Sometimes, all it takes to motivate consumers to buy your product or service is a discount. Whether you offer a limited-time-only deal or just ways to hook new customers with attractive offers, coupons and discounts can play an essential role in getting people interested in your offering.

Ensure your discount is easy to understand. Don’t give people any reasons to be put off by your offer. You don’t want them spending unnecessary time trying to figure out how much money they need to spend or whether they qualify for additional savings. For social media, a clear message can easily be created using a Facebook ads maker, which is available online for free and can customize your offer to your liking. It’s a quick and easy way to get your message out to a huge audience.

Tools You Can Use for Basic Design

Canva is an effective tool for basic design. It’s simple to operate and completely free for personal use, with paid options available. There are plenty of other tools — it depends on what you want to create. For more complex images, it’s best to have Adobe Photoshop at your disposal. Free trial versions are available. You can also try asking at local colleges or universities if they have any programs in graphic design — many students are happy to help with designing your materials for a small fee.

Methods That Still Work

From flyers and postcards to stickers and yard signs, there’s a lot you can do in terms of marketing by physically interacting with your community. If you already have an online presence, there’s value in handing out pamphlets or including flyers with packages.

Ask for feedback from potential or present consumers on how they learned about your product or service. The responses may assist you in determining where to concentrate your marketing efforts.

Theme Vision points out that a business card is more visible than an email and gives potential consumers and clients something concrete to remember you by. Creating a personalized business card is straightforward when you use pre-made templates that you can alter with images, text, color schemes, and the typeface of your choice.

Professionals To Hire

If you’re emailing design ideas to a designer, ByteScout notes that you may want to compress JPG files to make them easier to send. Compressing a JPG file, however, can reduce image quality. Instead, utilize a JPG-to-PDF converter to maintain the image quality. This tool can also combine many JPG files into a single PDF file, eliminating the need to email multiple images.

Attract Customers

Many effective old marketing methods still work. It’s essential to know how to implement them in your marketing strategy to help you build a strong brand that attracts customers.