I have a client that needs an ecommerce sales flow added to his landing pages for about 1500 units of 3 products that he has in stock. The problem that I’m trying to solve is finding a reasonably priced CRM that has payment processing included so we can sell his products online with his existing landing pages. The form will have to be tokened and the variable will have to be passed through the API of the CRM.

My first thought was Limelight. It’s an industry leader in CRM’s but a little bit overkill for our needs on this project. I started to do some research and found the following CRM platforms that seem more in the price range of what we’re looking for in regards to small business.

At first glance,  I could go with any of the aforementioned. I’m going to put in some contact requests and see what I can find that fits my needs at the right price. If anyone has a better solution, please contact me using the form on our contact page. Also, have a safe and happy 4th of July everyone.